Privacy Policy

1. Your e-mail address will not be distributed to other organizations for any reason, but will be used to convey the announcements we want to announce to you.

2. The personal information you send while sending us a message will never be disclosed to third parties. However, this information can be used within the body of KADRO to determine customer profile and to conduct statistical studies.

3. All the information you enter into the system, except us, can only be accessed by you and you can suggest changing them. It is not possible for another member or user to access and change information about you.

4. If you have entered a page that requires membership, you can inform us at your own initiative of the personal information requested from you during registration, excluding the obligatory ones. If there is information you would prefer not to give us, you do not have to fill in or tick these fields.

Our Privacy Policy is designed for your more comfortable and secure internet service. KADRO has secured your rights with a confidentiality measure in the above conditions.

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